Long Island Used Cars

Long Island Used Cars was launched in 2012 and focuses primarily on advertising used vehicles for sale in the Long Island region yet itself, does not sell used cars; it advertises used cars for sale by local participating dealers.

How The Service Works:

Local automotive dealers sign up with the service by written contract which typically takes place by a visit to their location. Long Island Used Cars than reaches out to the dealers web site provider or data export partner and requests the inventory be delivered nightly via technical means. Long Island Used Cars then uses this data, which includes images, comments, descriptions, prices and more, to “syndicate” this information via its own proprietary software called TurboListings™ (yes, we’ve built that too). Syndication includes sending the inventory to other automotive related websites, including LIUsedCars.com, local websites to the Island, and many others. Dealerships pay a simple all-inclusive monthly fee, based on the size of their inventory and Long Island Used Cars then does all the work.

Results and Tracking:

Our TurboListings™ software which powers our system, tracks everything. Each dealership is assigned a trackable phone number, as well as a unique email address for all web based email leads which are assigned and sent to the appropriate dealership. Regardless of where those email and/or phone leads originate from, TurboListings records, counts, and analyzes the type of lead, where it needs to be delivered, in what format (either ADF, XML or HTML), whether it is spam (at which point it would be filtered out), rebrands it, and dispatches it off to its appropriate location. TurboListings™ track everything so that we can keep track of a dealers return on investment. Dealers than follow up on these leads and close deals. Yes, it really is fantastic- and that's why it works so well. It's also the reason we have grown to be the Best Place for Used Cars on Long Island™ for both dealers and shoppers.