7 Automobile Features That Make Winter A Little More Bearable

Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand new vehicle, a “new” used vehicle, or simply want to update your current ride with some new conveniences, these features are a must-have for winter driving. From heated seats, to winter tires, to an automatic starter, once you have these features equipped in your car, truck, wagon, hatchback or SUV, you’ll never know how you survived winters passed without them in the first place!

Heated Seats
Nobody likes the feeling of cold on their rear as they drive, especially on leather seats! With heated seats, that’s no longer a problem!

Automatic Start
One of the worst things about having to get into your car during the winter season is sitting in the cold car, shivering, waiting for your car to heat up so you can start your daily commute to work. With an automatic start, you save valuable time, and comfort, by having your car heated up well before you’re in it.

Rear View Camera
It can be hard to see at times, especially during inclement winter weather, like snow or rain, or to maneuver around huge piles of snow. With a rear view camera you get a better look at what you’re dealing with behind you and can rest assured that your vision is not impaired.

Heated Side Mirrors
Heated seats aren’t the only thing that is convenient to have warmed up, so are your side view mirrors! With heated side view mirrors, iced up side mirrors that you either have to scrape off yourself or wait to defrost, become a thing of the past.

Block Heater
Warm up your engine with a block heater so that it heats up more quickly than it would without it in extremely cold weather.

Winter / Snow Tires
Designed to be used in colder weather, snowy conditions and icy roads, winter tries, or snow tires, provide more traction and stability during tricky driving situations.

Heated Steering Wheel
Hate wearing gloves while you drive because it gives you less control and grip on the steering wheel, but also dislike the feeling of a freezing cold steering wheel on your hands as soon as you touch the wheel? Then a heated steering wheel is the way to go!

Photo by Michael Gil via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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