Best Used Cars that Are Safe Bets for Teens, First-Time Drivers; IIHS Lists 115 Vehicles Recommended for Teen Drivers

by Christopher Boyle, NEW YORK, NY – Often, a small, little car – especially one that is relatively inexpensive with a sort of ‘cute’ factor – will hold a certain appeal for a teenager or other first-time driver, but there’s far more to consider when choosing a used vehicle for someone without a great dealRead More

Why You Might, or Might-Not Want to Avoid The Purchased of a Used Rental Car, or Rental Fleet Vehicle

by Christopher Boyle, LONG ISLAND, NY – Believe it or not, rental cars don’t simply dry up and blow away. After their useful life as conveyance for those in a temporary state of need is at an end, many rental companies will make their “retired” wares available for sale to third parties, be they aRead More

Shopping Green: Finding Reliable, Fuel-Efficient Used Cars That Won’t Break Your Wallet, or the Environment

by Christopher Boyle  LONG ISLAND, NY – Nowadays, while everyone is pinching every conceivable penny to help make ends meet, the idea of getting everything you can out of your current vehicle is an appealing one, as often the cost of simple upkeep of your current car is far less than bother than having to dealRead More

Average Joe or Jane on a Budget? Just Might Be the Right Time for that Upgraded Luxury Model Vehicle

by Christopher Boyle LONG ISLAND, NY – Used cars can be great for someone on a budget seeing quality in their automobile at a fraction of the price normally associated with new ones; if you do your homework and do business with reputable pre-owned dealerships whom sell well-maintained cars, you’re assured many miles of problem-freeRead More

Even When Going Pre-owned, It Pays “Literally” to Do Your Homework Before Deciding on Brands to Buy

by Christopher Boyle LONG ISLAND, NY – If you’re looking to tighten your belt and save a few bucks when it comes to purchasing a new automobile, it can make sense to turn to the option of a used car. After all, they’re cheaper, and with recent advances in automotive technology and manufacturing, cars areRead More

Mistakes Drivers Make While Behind The Wheel That Should Be Corrected Immediately

Added In: Driver Tips

With driving being such a standard, everyday practice, it can be easy to forget how truly important it is to be a responsible driver and make good decisions behind the wheel. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, in the United States alone over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year. MostRead More

Teaching an Old Car New Tricks: Adding New Tech to Older Vehicles

Added In: Driver Tips

You don’t need to have a brand new car to enjoy contemporary car technology! According to Consumer Reports, the median age of cars being driven on the road these days is eleven years old and older which means that people aren’t getting rid of their old cars, and that people who choose to purchase usedRead More

10 Helpful Safety Tips for Winter Weather Driving

Luckily, so far this year, there hasn’t been much snowfall this winter on Long Island. That doesn’t mean though that the Island won’t be getting hit with any snow for the rest of the season. Here are some words of advice for driving in the snow, dealing with icy roads, and staying as safe asRead More

7 Automobile Features That Make Winter A Little More Bearable

Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand new vehicle, a “new” used vehicle, or simply want to update your current ride with some new conveniences, these features are a must-have for winter driving. From heated seats, to winter tires, to an automatic starter, once you have these features equipped in your car, truck, wagon, hatchbackRead More

Getting Your Car Ready for Winter: Five Essential Winterization Tips

The start to winter is nearly here. While snowflakes haven’t covered the grounds yet, now’s the time to winterize your car. Bone-chilled temperatures and winter storm conditions can take a toll on your car. Some basic tips can help reduce the chance of you and your car getting stuck or acting up while on theRead More

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