Veterans Day, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve: Best Times to Buy Used Cars, Say Experts

LONG ISLAND, NY – In today’s difficult economic climate, people looking for a good deal on a new – or, at least, “new to them” – vehicle, are turning more and more to the preowned industry due to a number of factors, including lower cost and improved quality and reliability of both import and domesticRead More

Hurricane Harvey and Irma Destruction of Nearly 700,000 Vehicles Lead to Big Increase in Used Car Demand

by Christopher Boyle LONG ISLAND, NY – When it comes time for the average consumer to consider the purchase of a new vehicle, reports show they’re turning more often than not to used cars as opposed to new ones for a variety of compelling reasons, one of which is an attempt to save some money;Read More

Consumer-Grade Electric Vehicle Options Bigger Than Ever; Better For the Environment

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by Christopher Boyle LONG ISLAND, NY – For a number of years, electric vehicle options were small, with the main choices being offered by Tesla and Chevrolet. But in recent years the market – boosted by a big increase in interest, has grown by leaps and bounds, offering more options and lower prices, and environmental advocates,Read More

Mistakes Drivers Make While Behind The Wheel That Should Be Corrected Immediately

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With driving being such a standard, everyday practice, it can be easy to forget how truly important it is to be a responsible driver and make good decisions behind the wheel. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, in the United States alone over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year. MostRead More

Six Savvy Ways Save Money & Lower the Cost of Your Car Insurance

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Everyone wants to find ways to save money, so if you could save money on how much you’re paying for your car insurance, why wouldn’t you? There are lots of different things that you can do to lower how much your car insurance is costing you. From shopping around when it comes to insurance providers,Read More

Propel Into Summer Without Breaking the Bank in One of These Must-Have Convertibles

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With summer not too far away, once again that time of year begins when you want to have the windows down and the music blasting constantly as you cruise down the road. With the wind combing through your hair, and your favorite tunes playing, you can’t help but revel in a fleeting feeling of invincibility. EvenRead More

Teaching an Old Car New Tricks: Adding New Tech to Older Vehicles

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You don’t need to have a brand new car to enjoy contemporary car technology! According to Consumer Reports, the median age of cars being driven on the road these days is eleven years old and older which means that people aren’t getting rid of their old cars, and that people who choose to purchase usedRead More

Things To Do & Remember When Test Driving a Used Car

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If you’re looking to purchase a used car, one of the very first things, after doing your research about the different makes and models you are interested in, you’re going to do is take the car you’d like to buy out for a test drive. A test drive can tell you a lot about aRead More

Not To-Be-Missed 2017 Auto Shows Happening on Long Island

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With spring just around the corner, it’s officially that much anticipated time of year for car lovers who have been waiting and wishing for car shows to attend. From classic cars, to tricked out trucks, to antique cars and lowriders, there are auto shows happening all over Long Island for car enthusiasts of any taste!Read More

Snow’s Coming! Winter Driving Tips from Land Rover

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NEW YORK – With the snow finally hitting the NYC area, it’s time to prep for driving in challenging winter weather conditions. To help keep you in control of the road this week (and all winter long), Lead Instructor of the Land Rover Experience North America, Greg Nikolas offers his top tips for safe drivingRead More

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