Teaching an Old Car New Tricks: Adding New Tech to Older Vehicles

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You don’t need to have a brand new car to enjoy contemporary car technology! According to Consumer Reports, the median age of cars being driven on the road these days is eleven years old and older which means that people aren’t getting rid of their old cars, and that people who choose to purchase used vehicles, can still relish and experience the perks of having technology right at your fingertips while driving.

Nowadays with the help of your smart phone, apps, and new gadgets, you can add modern technology to your older car, truck, minivan, etc. Take a look below and see what you can do to tech out your ride!

If you wish that your vehicle came equipped with gps, but it doesn’t, you should consider purchasing a heads up display like this one from Navdy. Heads up displays not only offer navigation, they also come with features like caller, text message and other notification displays. Not to mention convenient information shown right in front of you like what direction you’re driving in, how fast you are driving, and more!

Whether you’re backing out of a parking spot, or getting ready to switch over into another lane, a backup camera is a very useful piece of safety technology to have in your car. Companies like Pyle and AUTO VOX offer rear view cameras that are waterproof, have night vision and can be adjusted to get the right point of view. Many of these cameras you can install yourself and wireless options are also widely available.

Depending on the time of year, heated/cooled seats can be an essential luxury for the various seasons. In the winter a heated seat can be just the thing you need to warm up in a timely fashion after getting into a car that’s been parked outside all night, and in the summer, a cooled seat is much more preferable to one that burns the back of your legs as soon as you sit down. Companies like Wagan offer heated seat cushions with lumbar support, and companies like Zone Tech offer cooled car seat cushions with temperature adjustments that you can control.

You never know what could happen when you’re out on the road driving. From the driving behavior of other drivers, to the conditions of the road itself, to your own driving, there is a lot to be aware of while traveling on the road. Hum, a device with an accompanying app from Verizon, is a gadget that wants to help you drive safer. From alerting you when maintenance is needed on your car, to finding your vehicle’s location, to connecting you with emergency assistance, Hum is there to help you drive better.

Photo by Jace via Pixabay in the Public Domain CC0.

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