Snow’s Coming! Winter Driving Tips from Land Rover

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NEW YORK – With the snow finally hitting the NYC area, it’s time to prep for driving in challenging winter weather conditions. To help keep you in control of the road this week (and all winter long), Lead Instructor of the Land Rover Experience North America, Greg Nikolas offers his top tips for safe drivingRead More

10 Helpful Safety Tips for Winter Weather Driving

Luckily, so far this year, there hasn’t been much snowfall this winter on Long Island. That doesn’t mean though that the Island won’t be getting hit with any snow for the rest of the season. Here are some words of advice for driving in the snow, dealing with icy roads, and staying as safe asRead More

Getting Your Car Ready for Winter: Five Essential Winterization Tips

The start to winter is nearly here. While snowflakes haven’t covered the grounds yet, now’s the time to winterize your car. Bone-chilled temperatures and winter storm conditions can take a toll on your car. Some basic tips can help reduce the chance of you and your car getting stuck or acting up while on theRead More

Governor Cuomo Announces 300 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across New York

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NEW YORK – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a contract for the installation of 300 electric vehicle charging stations at public locations across New York. The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees accord supports the Governor’s ChargeNY program’s goal of 3,000 charging stations online in the state by 2018 and helps New YorkRead More

10 Must-Visit Automobile Museums in the U.S.

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For those of you who just can’t get enough of cars and other types of automobiles, then a visit to these automobile museums in the U.S. is a must! We’re talking about the first of the first, rare finds, American sports dream cars, European cars, collector cars, cars that made a mark in the entertainmentRead More

Road Trip Essentials to Survive the Long Drive This Summer

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With gas prices dipping to a 11-year low according to AAA, taking the car for your next vacation is not a bad idea. When you also consider the long lines expected at the airports this summer, it’s the way to go! Yes, you may not get to your destination as quickly, but with some roadRead More

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